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New Picture (3).pngOn June 23rd 2009 DENTSPLY celebrated the 110th Anniversary of the founding of the Dentists’ Supply Company. On that day in 1899, Dr. Jacob Frick Franz, John Sheppard and Dean Osborne met at the offices of Lewis Fawcett, Commissioner of Deeds of New York City, and created a 50-year incorporation of the new company – The Dentists’ Supply Company with $10,000 in capital. Over one hundred and ten years later DENTSPLY has sales of over $2 billion, and manufactures and sells in 120 countries employing over 9,000 associates.
Over that time, DENTSPLY acquired many of the greatest companies and developed some of the finest technology in the dental industry. Our mission has always been to develop innovative new solutions for the dental practitioner and the dental patient.
DENTSPLY Mission Statement
Deliver solutions 'For Better Dentistry' that benefit practitioners and patients everywhere, optimizing our global resources to lead the industry in innovation, quality, and service.

DENTSPLY Core Values new_dentsply.gif

  1. Unquestionable Integrity
  2. Mutual Respect
  3. Unrestrained Thinking
  4. Active Engagement
  5. Maximize Competitive Advantage
  6. Action Orientation
  7. Embrace Accountability

DENTSPLY IH Ltd. (Headquarters)

UK International
Building 3
The Heights
Tel: +44 1932 853 422