DENTSPLY International Inc. has been in business since 1899, and we are proud of the global reputation and trust we have earned. This is a reputation that we are determined to protect and enhance. Our Code of Business Conduct sets forth our guiding principles for the conduct of our business that must be followed by everyone who does business on the behalf of DENTSPLY. In return our aim for our people within DENTSPLY is to create and develop a successful team of individuals actively committed to working together to achieve our company goals. By this statement we recognise:
•That by being successful we will achieve our business goals
•That all team members of the organisation have a common purpose in which there is a sense of belonging and identity
•That individuals are not only accepted but also encouraged to contribute their own unique qualities,
Exceptional people
human logo (2).jpgWe want over achievers with strong values, people who can "make it happen" for us while maintaining DENTSPLYs high ethical standards and exceptional commitment to quality customer service.

DENTSPLY International is a global dental corporation with a rich history of product excellence dating back to the early Nineteenth Century. From humble beginnings, we are today the worlds leading producer and distributor of professional dental products. DENTSPLY has brought more innovative products to the dental office and dental laboratory than any other manufacturer in the industry. A substantial investment in research and development coupled with strategic acquisitions and continued geographic expansion have further strengthened our position as a multinational corporation.

All kinds of people; all kinds of potential
At DENTSPLY, when we talk about recruiting the best and the brightest, we're talking about people who thrive on the excitement of collaboration and the discovery of new opportunities.
They like working towards common goals. They apply their talents in a myriad positions, from sales and marketing to clinical education to research and development. Why are they here? To create something that matters - to themselves, and to millions of people around the world.

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