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Shortlisted Entries- 20th Dentsply Student Clinician's Program 2016
Dentsply India has shorlisted 25 Best Entries from various entries recieved from all across India. We will get in touch with all shortlisted individuals on the way forward. Congratulations to all shortlisted students!!!!
20th Dentsply Student Clinician Program 2016
 20th Student Clinician Program 2016: Results will be announced on 20th Jan, 2016
36 month clinical trial results for DENTSPLY’s SDR® from the University of Alabama and the University of Buffalo are now available. SDR is an innovative self-levelling bulk fill composite that gives outstanding results in record time. The core benefits include: 4mm in a single cast 40% quicker1 Low shrinkage stress   Further to the unique benefits of SDR, the clinical trial results support SDR as an excellent quality, durable filling material.   The initial study...
DENTSPLY Maillefer are proud to present the successor of the MTA-Gun. The new MAP System (Micro-Apical Placement System) is dedicated to GP’s and Endodontists for Micro-Apical Placement of root canal repair material (ProRoot MTA). This product is for clinical applications such as pulp capping, root-end filling, perforation at the furcation and retro-obturation. It is composed of 3 kits in addition to a version allowing the upgrade of the MTA-Gun System. This system will cover the...
Dyract XP_IntroKit_All_01.jpg
We are pleased to announce that Dyract® XP the new generation of the Dyract® brand is now available.   Dyract® XP has the same properties as Dyract® eXtra: a universal restorative which reduces the risk of developing caries due to fluoride release, now available with 24 months shelf life upon production. Dyract® XP is available in an intro kit with a selection of shades as well as in individual refills:   Dyract® XP Intro Kit: 40 Compules®Tips...
 For the eigth year in a row Aquasil™ Ultra has received the Reality 5-Star award as “Reality’s Choice” for the best impression material, due to its excellent combination of wettability, tear strength and it’s well-arranged portfolio. Since Aquasil™ Ultra first came to the market in 2004, it has received a 5-star rating every year. For more information on Aquasil™ Ultra please click here
ThermaPrep® Plus has been replaced by DENTSPLY Maillefer’s new Thermaprep®2 oven. The Thermaprep®2 oven includes significant improvements, particularly its technical functions, cleaning capabilities and updated design.     Its features and benefits include:   Features Benefits 3 dimentional heat For an excellent apical and lateral canal sealing in the long, curved and narrow canals  (warm gutta percha down to the apex) ...
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Why do dentists switch to a new dental adhesive? In most cases it is simple: performance and convenience are the most important purchase criteria.  The new improved Xeno® V+ offers both! The excellent Xeno® bonding performance plus additional new convenience features: reduced light curing time (10 seconds only) and a new patient friendly aroma. The new version, Xeno® V+ will be available from September 2011. Xeno® V was one of the first one-bottle self-etch...