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Dyract XP – Now available

Dyract XP_IntroKit_All_01.jpg
We are pleased to announce that Dyract® XP the new generation of the Dyract® brand is now available.
Dyract® XP has the same properties as Dyract® eXtra: a universal restorative which reduces the risk of developing caries due to fluoride release, now available with 24 months shelf life upon production.
Dyract® XP is available in an intro kit with a selection of shades as well as in individual refills:

Dyract® XP Intro Kit: 40 Compules®Tips à 0.25g Dyract XP_Refill_01.jpg
(10 x A2, 15 x A3, 10 x A3,5, 5 x B1)
Dyract® XP Refill A2 20 Compules®Tips à 0.25g

Dyract® XP Refill A3 20 Compules®Tips à 0.25g
Dyract® XP Refill A3.5 20 Compules®Tips à 0.25g
Dyract® XP Refill B1 20 Compules®Tips  à 0.25g 

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