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SDR - 36 Month clinical trial results released.

36 month clinical trial results for DENTSPLY’s SDR® from the University of Alabama and the University of Buffalo are now available. SDR is an innovative self-levelling bulk fill composite that gives outstanding results in record time. The core benefits include:
  • 4mm in a single cast
  • 40% quicker1
  • Low shrinkage stress
Further to the unique benefits of SDR, the clinical trial results support SDR as an excellent quality, durable filling material.
The initial study entailed 170 restorations where SDR was bulk filled in increments of 4mm and then capped using DENTSPLY’s composite material Esthet•X® HD. Since the beginning of the trial the restorations have been individually evaluated at 12, 24 and 36 months. At each evaluation the parameters for assessment were as follows: 
  • Fracture /  surface defects
  • Proximal contact
  • Recurrent caries
  • Sensitivity
  • Gingival index
 We are pleased to announce that the key findings of the clinical evaluation were as follows: 
  • No failures attributable to SDR
  • Acceptable performance with respect to safety and efficacy after 3 years
  • No post-opertions have been reported related to SDR
  • No recurrent caries associated with SDR
  • No reports of adverse events
  • No adverse effects on the gingival with SDR
To view the full report, please view the attached document.

1.Data on file 

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