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ThermaPrep 2 oven is now available

ThermaPrep® Plus has been replaced by DENTSPLY Maillefer’s new Thermaprep®2 oven. The Thermaprep®2 oven includes significant improvements, particularly its technical functions, cleaning capabilities and updated design.


Its features and benefits include:

3 dimentional heat
For an excellent apical and lateral canal sealing in the long, curved and narrow canals  (warm gutta percha down to the apex) 
Obturators fastening
This feature avoids Obturators touching the walls of the heating chamber when it comes out
Cleaning mode
The cleaning mode allows to keep the oven clean and free of gutta percha debris
NEW Lifting system
The Obturator holders are designed to allow a slow and progressive entry of the Obturator in the heating chamber
Fast heating – less than one minute
Allow no time loss during the clinical procedure, moreover, the heat is maintained in the heating chamber until the Obturator is ready to use

For ordering information please see the ThermaPrep® 2 oven product page.