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Xeno V+ : The one component self-etching adhesive that provides more than performance

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Why do dentists switch to a new dental adhesive? In most cases it is simple: performance and convenience are the most important purchase criteria. 

The new improved Xeno® V+ offers both!

The excellent Xeno® bonding performance plus additional new convenience features: reduced light curing time (10 seconds only) and a new patient friendly aroma. The new version, Xeno® V+ will be available from September 2011.

Xeno® V was one of the first one-bottle self-etch adhesives, providing high bonding performance as well as offering chairside storage due to a patented monomer technology. This gives additional safety and convenience when using Xeno® V.

Based on feedback received from dentists, the convenience of Xeno® V could be further increased. The new improved Xeno® V+offers a reduced light curing time of only 10 seconds. In a recently conducted market research study 91%1 of all dentists rated this improvement as important. Furthermore, the product offers a new patient friendly aroma. All other features have remained the same.

After more than 13 years of clinical success in the market, the Xeno® brand has established itself as one of the best self-etching adhesives available. One of the best just got a lot better. 
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