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Multimat® NTX and NTXpress furnace
DENTSPLY are pleased to announce the launch of the Multimat® NTX and NTXpress furnaces, the result of the continuous development of the successful Multimat® furnace range.   With immediate effect the Multimat® NTX replaces the Multimat® NT and the Multimat® NTXpress replaces the Multimat® NT press. The newly designed Multimat® NTX furnaces are fast and simple to operate and can be customized down to the most minute detail, supported by its intuitive user...
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A new AH Plus® science update is now available for you to download. The update outlines 6 different studies with results on numerous tests that include bond strength, anti-bacterial activity and readiopacity. Please download DENTSPLY's full AH Plus® scientific update by clicking here.
In order to provide the best possible solutions to you, the delivery format for Prime&Bond® NT will be changing as of February 2011:  For further information on Prime&Bond® NT, please click here.
Reality 5 Star Award
For the seventh year in a row Aquasil™  Ultra has received Reality's Choice Award 2010 with a 5-star rating. Since Aquasil™ Ultra first came to the market in 2004, it has received a 5-star rating every year. For more information on Aquasil™ Ultra here.