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Cavity Access Set

Cavity Access Set
Give yourself the best start to your Endodontics with the Cavity Access Set, developed in collaboration with Dr. Ruddles, Dr. Machtou and Dr. West.
The Cavity Access Set allows you to remove the whole pulp chamber roof giving you access to all root canals, to have an irrigation reservoir during RCT, to provide correct basis for the restoration and to have direct root canal access for better Endodontic quality.
Ordering Information
A030500000000     Cavity Access Set
1 x Diamond Round Bur ISO 016 (Ref: F000134201600)
1 x Transmetal FG Bur ISO 012 (Ref: E015334101200)
1 x Carbide Round FG Bur ISO 010 (Ref: E012337101000)
1 x Carbide Round FG Bur ISO 014 (Ref: E012337101400)
1 x Endo-Z FG Bur ISO 016 (Ref: E015234100000)
1 x X-Gates RA ISO 032 (Ref: A000824000701)