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Start-X™ ultrasonic tips are a new, simple addition to the current DENTSPLY Maillefer ultrasonic Endodontic tips range, designed to improve the quality of Endodontic treatments. 

These simple-to-use tips have multiple applications so that the dentist knows exactly which tip to use in which situation. The tips are made of hard-tempered stainless steel so they have strong resistance to wear and tear and the tips can vibrate in the air without breaking. A micro-milled active part creates a smooth finish and minimises the risk of diamond grit loss in the patient’s mouth.

One Tip - One Clinical Indication
Start-X™ # 1: Access cavity wall refinement
Start-X™ # 2: MB2 canal scouter
Start-X™ # 3: Canal opening scouter
Start-X™ # 4: Metal post removal
Start-X™ # 5: Reveals the original pulp chamber floor anatomy 

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Ordering Information

A066000000100     Start-X™ Tips Satelec Type Insert 1
A066000000200     Start-X™ Tips Satelec Type Insert 2
A066000000300     Start-X™ Tips Satelec Type Insert 3

A066000000400     Start-X™ Tips Satelec Type Insert 4
A066000000500     Start-X™ Tips Satelec Type Insert 5
A066000090000     Start-X™ Tips Satelec Type Assorted (box of 5)


A066100000100     Start-X™ Tips EMS Type Insert 1
A066100000200     Start-X™ Tips EMS Type Insert 2
A066100000300     Start-X™ Tips EMS Type Insert 3
A066100000400     Start-X™ Tips EMS Type Insert 4
A066100000500     Start-X™ Tips EMS Type Insert 5
A066100090000     Start-X™ Tips EMS Type Assorted (box of 5)

  • Question: What power settings should I begin with?
  • Answer: In general, within the recommended guidelines, start with a lower power setting and only increase the power if necessary to safely accomplish the procedural task
  • Question: Do I need a piece of equipment to use Start-X ultrasonic tips?
  • Answer: Yes, Start-X inserts have been designed to be exclusively used with a Piezo ultrasonic generator capable of taking an insert with either an EMS or Satalec type thread.
  • Question: How will I know that the insert needs to be discarded?
  • Answer: Since the Start-X™ are very resistant and not diamond coated, neither breakage or loss of diamond grits will indicate a tip must be replaced. Instead, the best sign is when the power has to be increased considerably in order to get the same result (this means that the grooves edges are worn and not efficient).
  • Question: Which thread type do the major Piezo units brands use?
  • Answer: Please see the list below.
Satelec* style
Sybron* Endo
Obtura Spartan*
EMS* style 

This information is for guidance only. Please consult the instruction manual provided with your unit for clarification.

* Are not trademarks of DENTSPLY International