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Calamus Dual device
Time-saving and long-lasting three-dimensional obturation of root canals
Filling was never so easy!
• Plus and minus buttons for general navigation
• Settings can be adapted individually
• Clear display and controls
• 2 presets allow preferred settings to be saved
• Easy to clean and maintain
Devices designed for your comfort
• Intuitive use and handling
• Ergonomically designed handpieces with a large operation angle
• Feather-touch activation by flexible silicone ring
• Root canal entrances are clearly visible thanks to slim handpieces
• Visual and audible signals for operation and safety on the handpiece
• Window on handpiece shows content of gutta-percha cartridge
Lateral or vertical obturation? Better results with Calamus®
• Vertical condensation is a faster method to achieve a long-lasting, tightly sealed, three dimensional root canal filling
• Reliable obturation of lateral canals
• Minimal risk of root fractures
• Gutta-percha filling to desired level for placement of a fiber post
Ordering Information
A190000000000     Calamus® Dual Device EUR
A111000000000     Electric Heated Plugger S (1 pce)
A112000000000     Electric Heated Plugger M (1 pce)
A113000000000     Electric Heated Plugger L  (1 pce)
A115000000000     Thermal response tip
A121000000000     Gutta Percha Cartridge 20g (blister of 10)
A122000000000     Gutta Percha Cartridge 23g (blister of 10)
A120600000000     Replacement cartridge nut
A120700000000     Cartridge needle bending tool
A120800000000     Handpiece cleaning brush
A120900000000     Handpiece heat shield
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What size is the smallest plugger for Calamus ?
The smallest is the small black plugger with ISO 40 Taper 03.
The material of the outer surface is made out of stainless steel.
How hot can a Calamus plugger get ?
At maximum power, a tip can exceed 400°C. You can adjust the heat down to 100°C by using the lowest power setting. The recommended working temperature for downpack is 200°C.
Isn’t this high temperature dangerous?
Like other dental equipment, the unit should be used by a trained professional.
You can use the high heat setting to sear off gutta-percha in the lateral condensation technique where a cluster of cones are cut through.
If you want to remove gutta-percha, with continuous wave technique you should use a lower heat setting of 200°C.
What is the normal temperature setting?
The maximum heat setting should be used only when searing off gutta-percha.  For the vertical condensation technique and continuous wave technique, we recommend a PACK temperature setting of 200°C and 180°C for the FLOW.