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A new Maillefer rotary Nickel Titanium system for quick and safe pre-flaring.
Flexible and resistant to cyclic fatigue, these new files offer many advantages compared to manual solutions.
The PathFile™ system comprises 3 rotary NiTi instruments, available in lengths 21, 25, and 31 mm (Fig. 1). The taper of all the instruments is .02 and the tip diameters are: PathFile™ 1 (violet) tip ISO 13, PathFile™ 2 (white) tip ISO 16, PathFile™ 3 (yellow) tip ISO 19. (note: ISO 3630-1 (active part) and ISO 1797-1 (handle).
The most significant features of these excellent new instruments are:
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Safety


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A001522101300     PathFile™ 21mm 013
A001522101600     PathFile™ 21mm 016polished_1.jpg
A001522101900     PathFile™ 21mm 019
A001522190000     PathFile™ 21mm Assort.
A001522501300     PathFile™ 25mm 013
A001522501600     PathFile™ 25mm 016polished_2.jpg
A001522501900     PathFile™ 25mm 019
A001522590000     PathFile™ 25mm Assort.
A001523101300     PathFile™ 31mm 013
A001523101600     PathFile™ 31mm 016polished_3.jpg
A001523101900     PathFile™ 31mm 019
A001523190000     PathFile™ 31mm Assort.