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Protaper® Universal Retreatment

Protaper® Universal
Protaper® Retreatment files have been designed to remove filling material before canal re-shaping.
D1 has a cutting tip to facilitate initial penetration into the filling material. D2 and D3 both have non-cutting tips and are used to remove material from the mid and apical thirds, respectively.
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A141021600112     Protaper® Retreatment
16mm/D1 - Coronal filling removal
A141021800112     Protaper® Retreatment
16mm/D2 - Middle filling removal
A141022200112     Protaper® Retreatment
16mm/D3 - Apical filling removal
A141220090012     Protaper® Retreatment Assortment
(2xD1, 2xD2, 2xD3)