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Protaper Universal Treatment (hand-use)

Protaper Universal
The manual version of ProTaper® Universal
The product line: "ProTaper for Hand Use" features exactly the same instruments and clinical sequence as the rotary version. It is dedicated to all hand file users wishing to benefit from NiTi and crown-down technique. It also makes an ideal choice for the rotary file users in the treatment of difficult canal situations like, for example, apical hooks.
Protaper® Universal is a comprehensive system specifically designed to meet the needs of clinicians.
  • Easy

- Only one instrument sequence whatever the canal shape.

- Colour-coded and easy to follow protocol.

- Drying and obturation solutions specifically designed for Protaper® files, with the same colour-codes for instant identification.

  • Fast
- Only 3 instruments needed for most cases.
- High cutting power.
  • Efficient
- Apical taper for good canal cleaning.
- Fantastic debris removal due to the unique 'Multiple Taper' design of these instruments.
hand20assort.jpgOrdering Information
A0418     Protaper® Assortment (SX, S1, S2, F1, F2 and F3)
Available in 21mm, 25mm and 31mm
A041601900100    Protaper® Shaping File X (SX) 19mmSX_treat_fhu.jpg
A041602110100    Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 21mm
A041602510100    Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 25mmS1_treat_fhu.jpg
A041603110100    Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 31mm
A041602110200    Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 21mm
A041602510200    Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 25mmS2_treat_fhu.jpg
A041603110200    Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 31mm
A041702110100    Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 21mm
A041702510100    Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 25mmF1_treat_fhu.jpg
A041703110100    Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 31mm
A041702110200    Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 21mm
A041702510200    Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 25mmF2_treat_fhu.jpg
A041703110200    Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 31mm
A041702110300    Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 21mm
A041702510300    Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 25mmF3_treat_fhu.jpg
A041703110300    Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 31mm
A041702110400    Protaper® Finishing File 4 (F4) 21mm
A041702510400    Protaper® Finishing File 4 (F4) 25mmF4_treat_fhu.jpg
A041703110400    Protaper® Finishing File 4 (F4) 31mm
A041702110500    Protaper® Finishing File 5 (F5) 21mm
A041702510500    Protaper® Finishing File 5 (F5) 25mmF5_treat_fhu.jpg
A041703110500    Protaper® Finishing File 5 (F5) 31mm