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Wave•One™ File

Wave•One™ File

The Wave•One™ Endodontic system from DENTSPLY Maillefer is designed to provide simplicity and efficiency to the root canal shaping procedure. 

Wave•One™ NiTi files are driven by the Wave•One™ Endodontic motor which shapes root canals using a reciprocating motion.  This motor is calibrated to precisely work with the design of the Wave•One™ files.

This reciprocating motion means the file continuously changes its rotating direction during the shaping procedure with a large rotating angle in the cutting direction (for high efficiency) and a smaller angle in the reverse direction (to progress along the canal path whilst respecting the root canal anatomy).  The optimised angles also assist to reduce the risk of a ‘screwing in’ effect and file breakage.

Requiring only one Wave•One™ Nickel Titanium instrument to shape a canal in most cases (either Small, Primary or Large size) means that no time is wasted changing NiTi instruments during the root canal shaping procedure and inventory requirements can also potentially be reduced. 

Wave•One™ files come pre-sterilised and are designed for single patient use which eliminates the need for disinfecting, cleaning, sterilising and organising and are manufactured using the advanced M-Wire™ thermal treatment process, which provides greater flexibility as well as increased strength to assist in reducing the risk of cyclic fatigue and file seperation.

Ordering information

A070022100S01 Small Reciprocating File 021 .06 21mm

A070022500S01 Small Reciprocating File 021 .06 25mm

A070023100S01 Small Reciprocating File 021 .06 31mm

A070022100P01 Primary Reciprocating File 025 .08 21mm

A070022500P01 Primary Reciprocating File 025 .08 25mm

A070023100P01 Primary Reciprocating File 025 .08 31mm

A070022100L01 Large Reciprocating File 040 .08 21mm

A070022500L01 Large Reciprocating File 040 .08 25mm

A070023100L01 Large Reciprocating File 040 .08 31mm

A070022190A01 Assortment Reciprocating Files assorted 21mm

A070022590A01 Assortment Reciprocating Files assorted 25mm

A070023190A01 Assortment Reciprocating Files assorted 31mm


Are K-Files needed when working in reciprocating motion?
Yes, the root canal anatomy needs to be scouted in order to verify patency, to get a 3-dimensional idea of the anatomy, for the selection of the appropriate Wave•One™ instrument, as well as for the final gauging of the apical foramen.

Can the irrigation time be reduced when working in reciprocating motion?
No, the total irrigation time needed remains the same as for continuous motion. It is recommended to irrigate frequently during the shaping procedure, each time that the Wave•One™ file is being removed and cleaned.

What about the debris removal?
Given the fact that one single Wave•One™ instrument removes the same amount of debris as a complete sequence of continuous rotary instruments, it needs to be cleaned more frequently (every 3 – 4 sec.).

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