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A reliable and cost-effective solution to obturation
With the support of more than 200 publications1, Thermafil® is one of the most reliable filling techniques available on the market today. In a single insertion, Thermafil® achieves a three-dimensional filling of root canals in less than half the time of other techniques, such as vertical compaction, single cone obturation and warm gutta percha, allowing you to save time, whilst providing excellent treatment to your patients.
Thermafil® has been shown to give excellent apical sealing of root canals including the lateral and accessory canals. Other benefits include fast, predictable and consistent results.
Ordering Information
A141100010100     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F1 (box of 6)
A141100011100     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F1 (box of 20)
A141100010200     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F2 (box of 6)
A141100011200     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F2 (box of 20)
A141100010300     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F3 (box of 6)
A141100011300     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F3 (box of 20)
A141100010400     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F4 (box of 6)
A141100011400     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F4 (box of 20)
A141100010500     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F5 (box of 6)
A141100011500     ProTaper® Thermafil® Obturator F5 (box of 20)


    Thermafil® Assorted Posterior Kit (20 x ISO 020-040)
A0168     Thermafil® Assorted Anterior Kit (20 x ISO 045 - 100)

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