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Radix Fiber Post

Radix Fiber Post

Preserves the Tooth’s Aesthetics

Radix® Fiber Post’s translucent, light conducting glass fiber resin matrix reflects the natural hues of the tooth and eliminates shadows through crown restorations, for a superior and predictable result.
Respects the Tooth’s Ergonomy
Radix® Fiber Post's optimized cyclindrico-conical endo-design limits the removal of dentin, thereby increasing the strength and clinical quality of the restoration.
Radix® Fiber Post / EasyPostTM’s are available in a full range of sizes, for the restorationof all anterior and posterior teeth.
Minimizes the Risk of Tooth Fractures
The high density of uni-directional glass fibers provides excellent strength and optimal flexibility, for a restoration that mimics the stress distributions of healthy teeth, thereby preventing fissures or fractures.

Rapid On-Command Cementation

Radix® Fiber Post is light conducting, allowing its use with light and dual-cured cements and core materials, giving you greater control over cement and material set times.
Proven, Dependable System
The Radix® Fiber Post  range lets you achieve a reliable restoration quickly and easily. They can be used with all adhesive primers, bonding cements and core build-up materials that employ resinous bonding elements.
The micro-structured surface ensures that an optimal bond is achieved between post and cement, minimizing the risk of post decementation or dislocation.

Ordering Information 

C061300000100     RADIX FIBER POST NO 1 (box of 10) 
C061300000200     RADIX FIBER POST NO 2 (box of 10) 
C061300000300     RADIX FIBER POST NO 3 (box of 10) 
C061300000400     RADIX FIBER POST NO 4 (box of 10) 
C061300000500     RADIX FIBER POST NO 5 (box of 10) 
C061300000600     RADIX FIBER POST NO 6 (box of 10) 
C061400800100     RADIX FIBER POST BASIC KIT 0.8
C061400800200     RADIX FIBER POST TRIAL KIT 0.8
C061401000100     RADIX FIBER POST BASIC KIT 1.0
C061401000200     RADIX FIBER POST TRIAL KIT 1.0
C061401300100     RADIX FIBER POST BASIC KIT 1.3
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