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Midwest Handpieces

Midwest Handpieces
DENTSPLY Professional and Midwest® offer a quality line of air driven handpieces - Quiet Air®, Tradition® and Stylus™. These models come with a variety of features to fit your handpiece preference: fiber optic and non-fiber optic, standard, latch and push button chuck styles, 5-hole and 6-pin. The Midwest Stylus™ range of high-speed handpieces offers superior power transferring 100% to bur or diamond for maximum cutting efficiency. The Midwest Stylus™ Mini packs all the power, performance and reliability you expect from a large head into a mini head for superior intra-oral access, visibility and power, while the Stylus™ Lite provides a light-weight option for clinicians looking for all the power and features of Stylus™.
Midwest Shorty® provides a full range of lowspeed operations available in single speed (0-6,000) or two speed (0-6,000 and 0-30,000) versions, while the Midwest Rhino® offers very high torque and start-up as low as 2 p.s.i. in the operating range of 0-8000 rpm.

Ordering Information

790301   Stylus Standard
790331   Stylus Standard Kavo *
790501   Stylus Standard Easycare
790531   Stylus Standard Easycare Kavo *
791301   Stylus LITE Standard
791331   Stylus LITE Standard Kavo *
791501   Stylus LITE Easycare
791531   Stylus LITE Easycare Kavo *
792301   Stylus Mini Standard
792331   Stylus Mini Standard Kavo *
792501   Stylus Mini Easycare
792531   Stylus Mini Easycare Kavo *
* Compatible with Kavo MULTIflex® LUX Coupler

750044   Tradition, 4-hole, Conventional wrench Chuck
750045   Tradition Fiber Optic, 5-hole, Conventional wrench Chuck
780044   Tradition.L, 4-hole, power lever Chuck
780045   Tradition.L, Fiber Optic, 5-hole, power lever Chuck
790044   Tradition, 4-hole, push button Chuck
790045   Tradition, Fiber Optic, 5-hole, push button Chuck

710024D   Shorty two speed air motor, 4-hole
710027D   Shorty single speed air motor, 4-hole

For couplers and accessories please contact your local DENTSPLY office or representative.
Kavo MULTIflex® is not a registered trademark of DENTSPLY International

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