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Cavitron BOBCAT Pro

Cavitron BOBCAT Pro
The Cavitron® BOBCAT® Pro, 25kHz ultrasonic scaler, provides quality and performance along with a contemporary look. Equipped with a modern enclosure, versatile vertical or horizontal orientation, universal control graphics, and a user-friendly weighted foot pedal, the BOBCAT Pro proves an economical choice in ultrasonic scaling. BOBCAT Pro is compatible with Cavitron DualSelect™ medicament delivery system.
Features and Benefits
25kHz Power
Proven scaling efficacy
Operates all Cavitron 25K inserts

Seamless enclosure
Easy to clean
Improved infection control in the dental operatory

Vertical or horizontal orientation
Easy to accommodate in any operatory

Improved panel controls
Unique styling and tactile indicators distinguish water and power control knobs

Smooth integrated handpiece holder
Free of sharp corners and crevices
Easy to clean Improved cross infection control in the dental operatory

Improved foot control
More stable (wider and weighted)
Reduces need for constant repositioning during a procedure
Reduced the potential for flipping over causing damage

Spring handpiece cable
Reduces crimping in water line therefore constant water flow during entire procedure
Allows for better movement of cord

Ordering Information 
Cavitron® BOBCAT® Pro            81204
230V-EU no insert

Directions for Use: Download

Bobcat Pro Manual.pdf7.63 MB