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Cavitron DualSelect

Cavitron DualSelect
The DualSelect™ Dispenser System is specifically designed to easily deliver medicaments or water through all DENTSPLY® Cavitron® ultrasonic scalers. Ideal for maintaining clean water lines, eliminating algae build-up, complies with new "DIN" Norms.
Dual Dispensing System offers the choice of scaling and polishing with either medicaments or water from a closed source.

Fluid Selection is easily made. Choose the dispensing bottle desired by rotating the selector knob to position "A" or "B"; select "H20" for external dental office water supply. When needed, medicaments can be delivered for site specific work.

Closed Water Line Option is available by utilizing water from the dispenser bottles instead of external dental office water.

Infection Control procedures are easily accomplished by flushing the system weekly using the designated disinfectant bottle, removing and steam autoclaving the selector knob, and surface disinfecting the system.

Ordering Information
DualSelect™ Dispensing System                                      80528
Complete with 2 dispensing bottles (à 500 ml) and
1 bottle for disinfection.
1x Cavitron® DualSelectTM
2x Dispensing bottles

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