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Cavitron TFI Inserts

Introduced in 1974, the Thru Flow Inserts® were the first insert tips with
"Thru Flow" water lavage delivery. Responding to a variety of applications, the TFI® series offer a versatile set of tip formats.
Ordering Information
TFI®-10 Straight
General deposit removal in all quadrants of the mouth for supragingival
use. Especially useful for light to moderate scaling.
6121708      25K (Light grey handle)
6374106      30K (Dark black handle)
TFI®-1000, Triple Bend
Allows for increased access to line angles and interproximal surfaces.
Supragingival use in all quadrants for moderate to heavy calculus removal.
6122001     25K (Light grey handle)
6374110     30K (Dark black handle)
TFI®-3 Thin Beavertail
Easy removal of heavy black tar stains and calculus. Supragingival use especially on lingual anterior areas.
6121702     25K (Light grey handle)
6374102     30K (Dark black handle)