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Focus Spray Inserts

The Focus Spray Insert® series provides increased scaling and deplaquing
performance, with less water. The insert´s focused spray enables the
practitioner a clearer view of the working area and a more comfortable
patient experience. The insert also provides increased protection against
cross infection. These instruments are for use with all Cavitron® ultrasonic scaling units.
Ordering Information
Indication:10_FSI 10.jpg
General deposit removal in all quadrants of the mouth for supragingival use. Especially useful for light to moderate scaling.
80293     25K (Light blue handle)
80294     30K (Dark blue handle
81501     30K Bellissima™
Indication:11_FSI 100.jpg
The contra-angle curvature at the tip allows for easier access to the lingual and buccal tooth surface.
80795     25K (Light blue handle)
80798     30K (Dark blue handle)
81502     30K Bellissima™
FSI®-1000 Triple Bend
Indication:12_FSI 1000 tip.jpg
Allows for increased access to line angle and interproximal surfaces. Use in all quadrants for moderate to heavy calculus removal.
80796     25K (Light blue handle)
80799     30K (Darkt blue handle)
81503     30K Bellissima™
FSI®-3 Thin Beavertail
Indication:13_FSI 3 Thin Beavertail.jpg
Easy removal of heavy black tar stains and calculus especially on lingual anterior areas.
80794     25K (Light blue handle)
80797     30K (Dark blue handle)
81500     30K Bellissima™