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Delton FS+

Delton FS+
Delton® FS+ provides a quick and simple technique for applying sealant material to the teeth. Delton® FS+ is an opaque coloured, 55% glass filled pit and fissure sealant with releasable fluoride.

Delton® FS+ is for the preventive sealing of pits and fissures in the primary and secondary dentition in combination with the acid-etch technique.
Ordering Information
3101S1      Delton FS+ Complete Kit opaque 1 kit (2 x 1.9g syr Delton, 1 x 3ml syr EZ Etch + accessories)
310201      Delton FS+ Complete Refill opaque 1 refill (4 x 1.9g syr Delton + accessories)

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