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Nupro (cups)

Nupro® is a premium Prophylaxis Paste, available in fluoride-containing and fluoride-free formulations, which gently removes dental plaque and staining.

To be used for cleaning and polishing procedures as part of a professionally administered prophylaxis treatment.    

Grit Selections:
Fine Grit  - Light stain removal, amalgam polishing
Medium Grit  - Normal cleaning and polishing
Coarse Grit  - Medium to heavy stain & plaque removal

Ordering information
Nupro® Cups without Fluoride
Orange, 400 g,
Box of 200 Patient Dose Cups, incl. 1 Prophy Grip
801210S1     Coarse 
801220S1     Medium 
801230S1     Fine 
Nupro® Cups with Sodium Fluoride
Box of 200 Patient Dose Cups, incl. 1 Prophy Grip
Fine – 380 g
801232S1     Mint 
801231S1     Orange 
Medium – 380 g02_Nupro_Mint_02.jpg
801222S1     Mint 
801221S1     Orange 
801321S1     Cherry Blast 
Coarse – 380 g
801212S1     Mint 
801211S1     Orange 
801322S1     Cherry Blast 

MSDS without Fluoride: Download
MSDS with Fluoride: Download
Direction for use: Download


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