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Precision, performance and value
DENTSPLY MEAlloy has been designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, to provide excellent quality and consistent castings.
Rigorous testing has demonstrated an excellent chemical and physical bond between DENTSPLY MEAlloy and the Ceramco conventional bonding porcelain systems. DENTSPLY MEAlloy is also compatible with Ceramco 3 Press and a wide-range of the most popular porcelains available on the market. DENTSPLY MEAlloy comes in 1kg economy packs.
– Economical price
– Fully compatible with all Ceramco conventional bonding porcelain systems and Ceramco 3 Press
– High success rates with a wide range of ceramics
– Easy to cast
– Easy to refinish and polish
– ‘MEAlloy’ etched on every ingot to ensure quality
– Ideal for single units, bridge units, long-span bridges, Maryland bridges and implant restorations


Composition Mass %

Ni 62   Cr 25


Mo 9.5   Si 3.5

Specific Gravity

(g/cm2) 8.2

Melting Range

1,230 – 1,320 °C


2,250 – 2,410 °F

Vickers Hardness

(HV 30) 220

Modulus of Elasticity

(MPa) 200,000

0.2% Yield Strength

(MPa) >350

Ultimate Tensile Strength

(MPa) >350

% Elongation

(%) 10

Coefficient of Thermal

14.1 : 500 °C – 25-500 °C

Expansion 10-6.K-1

14.2 : 600 °C – 25-600 °C

Ordering information

WMEAL1KG: MEAlloy 1kg Economy Pack

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