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Modelling Wax

Modelling Wax
The ideal modelling wax for all laboratory working conditions. DENTSPLY Modelling Wax is available in four consistencies to provide a suitable solution for all ambient temperature conditions or the preferred malleability and hardness. Complete colour stability during the wax-up process and  available in a pink shade for denture work.
Ordering Information
64101005W    High Stability 10 x 500g
64102005W    Universal 10 x 500g
64103005W    Pinnacle Hard 10 x 500g
64103015W    Pinnacle Standard 10 x 500g
77303    Utility Wax red strips large 90 strips
77307    Boxing Wax regular red 1lb pack
77315    Bite Rim Wax sticks 45
64110001    Model Cement (sticky wax) 450g
64110002    Model Cement (sticky wax) 12s

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