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DENTSPLY Ceramco has combined input from the most trusted dental laboratories in the industry with the latest technology in natural feldspathic porcelain manufacturing and developed the Ceramco3 porcelain system. This system provides for a customised firing process that reduces remakes and increases laboratory profitability and productivity. This porcelain system offers the aesthetics, vitality and shades with ease-of-use of traditional Ceramco porcelains. The Ceramco3 porcelain system is non-greening with out-of-the-bottle shading. Other features of this system include organic pigments in the porcelains. The brilliant colourants assist in the build-up of restorations by reducing the training time and allowing technicians to clearly view the placement of each layer of porcelain. The Ceramco3 porcelain system also offers the 8 Illuminé™ white shades and a custom shade guide.
  • Ceramco3 facilitates ease of use
  • Ease of handling
  • Predictable, out-of-the-bottle shades
  • Premium aesthetics without mixing and matching
  • Proven Ceramco quality
  • Pallet of shades to meet all customer needs

Ordering Information

Trial Kit
301600E    Ceramco3 A2 trial kitCeramco3_logo.jpg
1 x Powder Opaque (1oz)
1 x Dentine (1oz)
1 x Opaceous dentine (1oz)
1 x Enamel (1oz)
1 x Modelling liquid E (100ml)
1 x DFU

System kits
301602    Ceramco3 8 shade Mini System/Paste Opaque
301603    Ceramco3 8 shade Mini System/Powder Op
301604    Ceramco3 16 shade Basic System/Paste Op
301605    Ceramco3 16 shade Basic System/Powder Op

For more ordering information please contact you local DENTSPLY office or representative.

Directions for Use: Download
Porcelain MSDS: Download
Paste Porcelain MSDS: Download
Crystals MSDS: Download
Stain & Glaze MSDS: Download
Opaque Modifier Liquid MSDS: Download
Modelling Liquid U MSDS: Download
Modelling Liquid E MSDS: Download

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