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Multimat NTX / NTXpress

Multimat NTX / NTXpress
DENTSPLY introduces the Multimat® NTX and NTXpress furnaces, the result of the continuous development of the successful Multimat® furnace range.  
The Multimat® NTX replaces the Multimat® NT and the Multimat® NTXpress replaces the Multimat® NT press.
The newly designed Multimat® NTX furnaces are fast and simple to operate and can be customized down to the most minute detail, supported by its intuitive user interface and its high-quality ‘True Color’ touch-screen.
Proven parts such as the heating coil, protected by quartz glass against contamination, and the precise temperature control of the Multimat® furnaces are complemented by the following enhanced performance features:
  • New design of the motherboard
  • Improved processor performance
  • Optimised reaction time by ‘One-Touch’ access
  • Simplified navigation and management of individual programs
  • Simplified printing of firing protocols

Along with the original features of the Multimat range:

  • Universal firing and pressing furnaces for all common ceramics incl. e.max1
  • Pre-set DENTSPLY ceramics
  • Massive program storage capability
  • All firing, pressing, vacuum and cooling parameters can be set individually
  • Full automatic functional check
  • Capable of displaying video, jpg and mp3 files
  • PC software can be used to create, save and transfer programs
  • ETL approved2
  • 2 year warranty
1e.max is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH.
2ETL standard is the highest standard for electronic safety.

Ordering Information

5460270001     Multimat® NTX, 230V
5460270011     Multimat® NTXpress, 230V
03002220VD    Biodent Vacuum Pump, oil lubricated

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