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Success Injection System

Success Injection System

General System Tips
Make sure to follow powder/liquid recommendations as closely as possible. The material should be injected in a "soft pack" consistency. Do not wait to inject until the material is in a "snap set" stage. When you inject make sure the windows in the metal sleeve are facing you. This will allow you to tell whether the piston has "bottomed out". The metal sleeve will allow you to see to the bottom of the cartridge and therefore you should be able to tell whether or not additional acrylic will be needed to fill the flask.

In most situations plaster can be used for investment with good success. Injection systems in general will not reach the same pressures as compression molding. Compression molding is sometimes accomplished with hydraulic presses which can cause extremely high pressure and may crush stone or plaster. Our injection system uses a controlled injection which provides sufficient pressure to fill the mold, but yet will not damage the investment and is less likely to shift or damage denture teeth.

Flask alignment: when the flask is placed for injection, make sure to slide the metal sleeve up over the plunger area and O-ring first, before tightening the hand crank. This will center the flask and align it with the piston. Then, close the hand crank until it is just touching and slightly snug with the flask. Do not over tighten as this will tend to push the flask off center and/or raise the flask.

It is not necessary to crank the handle down tightly. Once the piston is activated the flask is pushed down and locked into position.

O-Ring - This silicone O-ring is affected negatively by monomer fumes and contact with monomer or uncured denture base resin. Please make sure that the 7mm injection sprue is only as large as the inner diameter of the black spacing device. If the proper diameter of the sprue is maintained, there should be no contact of uncured denture base with the O-ring. This will help maximize the longevity of the O-ring part. Replacement "O" rings are available (part #903093).

Ordering Information
903090     Success Injection System
1 Success Injection Unit
1 System Components Package
1 Cartridge Sleeve
1 Leveller
1 Flask Opener
1 Wrench
Directions for Use
Technique video
4 Flasks
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