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Triad 2000™

Triad 2000™
The Triad 2000 System is designed for easy fabrication of the acrylic devices you use routinely. Triad puts you in complete control from design to delivery. Now, any time you want a custom tray, provisional bridge, denture reline or repair, you can create it - easily and immediately. You need fewer patient visits for the same service and do fewer set-ups and clean-ups in the lab.
Benefits include:
  • Compact design to save space
  • Large chamber capacity
  • Rotating turntable with adjustable height
  • Robust design to withstand higher volume usage
  • Ten minute timer
Ordering Information
70212      Triad 2000 Visible Light Curing Unit 220V
90130      Triad Materials Sample Kit
Sheets each, TruTray & Original Blue Tray Material (2)
DuaLine Refill package (1)
DuaLine Cartridge Dispenser (1)
Sheets Hi-Flow Reline Material (2)
Sheets Denture Base (2)
Ropes Denture Base (2)
Ropes Provisional Material (3)
Tube Gel (1)
Sheets TranSheet Material (2)
89244      Triad Accessory Package
5fl. Oz. Air Barrier Coating (1)
4fl. Oz. Model Release Agent (1)
20ml VLC Bonding Agent (1)
Modeling Tool (1)
Brushes (#4 flat, #6 round)
70353         Replacement lamp (250 watt bulb, 120 v) 1
95775         Replacement lamp (1200 watt bulb, 41 v) 1
62248         Reflective discs 3
10075002   VLC Custom Neutral Tray 50 pack

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TRIAD 2000 Operation and Service Manual.pdf4.19 MB