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Wax Pencil Pro

Wax Pencil Pro
A dual pencil electric wax spatula unit ideal for high production laboratories. Separate controls enable use by two technicians at the same time. Adjustable power levels increase laboratory productivity for specific waxing applications. Eight additional waxing tips are also included.
Ordering Information
NT9995337    Wax Pencil Pro - 120 Volt
NT9995338    Wax Pencil Pro - 220 Volt
NT9995483    Pencils - Black
NT9995484    Pencils - White
NT9995347    Tip #2 3pk
NT9995348    Tip #3 3pk
NT9995345    Tip #6 3pk
NT9995344    Tip #7 3pk
NT9995346    Tip #8 3pk
NT9995349    Tip #11 (Goose Neck) 3pk
NT9995351    Tip #14 3pk

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