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Lucitone 199

Lucitone 199 is a proven cost efficient denture base, combining economy with strength to generate allround profitability. The impact strength of Lucitone 199 exceeds that of all other denture base materials tested and it has greater resistance to flexure fatigue and offers virtually indestructible dentures. This remarkable strength is the result of incorporating rubber molecules  into the acrylic infrastructure, effectively creating an internal shock absorber. The fine powder ensures a dense compact mix, avoiding porosity or raised bites. Lucitone can be used in the construction of full and partial dentures, relines, repairs and bite splints.

Ordering Information

688103     Lucitone 199 - Original 231g/120ml
688203     Lucitone 199 - Light pink 231g/120ml
688303     Lucitone 199 - Light reddish pink 231g/120ml
688403     Lucitone 199 - Dark pink 231g/120ml
688105     Lucitone 199 - Original Powder 4x630g Liquids 3x430ml
688205     Lucitone 199 - Light pink Powder 4x630g Liquids 3x430ml
688305     Lucitone 199 - Light reddish pink Powder 4x630g Liquids 3x430ml
688405     Lucitone 199 - Dark pink Powder 4x630g Liquids 3x430ml

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Lucitone Family Brochure: Download
Lucitone 199® - Directions for Use: Download
Lucitone 199® Liquid - Material Safety Data Sheet: Download
Lucitone 199® Powder - Material Safety Data Sheet: Download 
Advantages of Lucitone 199:

Superior aesthetics
Balanced Translucency
5 year guarantee
High impact Strength
Patented formula

Can be used for conventional and injection technique (Success System)

Easy to polish

Technical Data

Doughing time (23 °C)
  9 min

Working time(23 °C)
10 min

Curing time Stage 1
90 min at 73°C

Curing time Stage 2
30 min in boiling water
Mixing ratio:

21 g/10 ml

Impact resistance:


Flexural strength:

90 MPa

Flexural modulus:
2510 MPa
Water sorption:
6 µg/mm3
Solubility: 1 µg/mm3

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