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Triad materials

Triad Custom Tray Material
Triad Custom Tray Material (Original Blue) and Triad TruTray Custom Tray Material can be used for all applications where accuracy and stability are key. Colorless TruTray Material is firmer, thicker and 20% larger than original blue Custom Tray sheets.
Download: Directions for use (Custom Tray)
Download: MSDS (Custom Tray)
Ordering Information
95746     Triad Custom Tray (Original Blue) 6 sheets
95752     Triad Custom Tray (Original Blue) 30 sheets
89783     Triad Custom Tray (Original Blue) 150 sheets
89904     Triad TruTray Custom Tray Material 30 sheets
89905     Triad TruTray Custom Tray Material 100 sheets
Triad Resiline™ Reline Material
Triad Resiline Visible Light Cure Resilient Reline Material brings convenience, control and quality to extended-term full and partial denture relines, implant prostheses and numerous prosthetic treatment options. Its benefits include chairside delivery, two-minute curing and up to one year of comfort without expensive delivery systems or 'in hand' curing.

Download: Directions for us (Reline Material)
Download: MSDS (Reline Material)

Ordering Information
89615      Intro Kit
46ml Cartridges Resiline Reline Material
Dispensing Tips
20ml Bonding Agent
Modeling Tool
MSDS & Instruction Sheet
89611      Refill Kit
46ml Cartridges Resiline Reline Material
Dispensing Tips
MSDS & Instruction Sheet
Triad Provisional Material
A one-component, light cured resin for fabricating aesthetic provisional restorations - crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

Download: Directions for use (Provisional Material)

Ordering Information
89302     Ivory Extra Light 6 ropes
89304     Ivory Light 6 ropes
89305     Ivory Medium 6 ropes
89306     Ivory Dark 6 ropes
89307     Enamel for incisal effects 6 ropes
89732     Ivory Medium Yellow 6 ropes
89733     Ivory Dark Brown 6 ropes
89311     Assortment 7 ropes
89308     Ivory Light 30 ropes
89309     Ivory Medium 30 ropes
89310     Ivory Dark 30 ropes
Triad DuaLine™ Dual Cure Reline Material
Triad DuaLine Reline Material is a dual-cure full or partial reline material which combines the accuracy of self-cure and the strength and dimensional stability of light cure. It is extrudable through a dual paste cartridge. DuaLine Reline Material flows easily, sets up in the mouth in minutes, won't distort, and is light cured for a strong, non-porous lab-quality reline. Like all Triad Materials, DuaLine Reline Material is Methyl and Butyl Methacrylate Monomer-free.
Download: Chairside procedure (DuaLine™) 
Download: Directions for use (DuaLine™) 
Ordering Information
89825     Dualine Introductory Package
89820     Dualine Refill Package
89822     Dualine Catridge Mixing Tips
89821     Dualine Catridge Dispenser
89816     Dualine Dispenser Plungers

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Download: Triad System Brochure

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