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Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System

Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System
Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System is a revolutionary new method for making dentures. With Eclipse, denture fabrication is extremely simplified, since the lost wax technique is no longer required and there is no need  for investing, flasking and boiling-out. Instead of using wax, dentures are directly built-up  with three layers of Eclipse resin (Base Plate, Set-up and Contour Resin). After a successful try-in, dentures  are directly processed. All three Eclipse resins are MMA-free and handle like wax. The cured resins show outstanding aesthetics and exhibit good mechanical properties.
Indications for Use:
• Full Dentures
• Partial Dentures
• Nightguards
• Provisionals
Ordering Information
905300      Eclipse Starter kit
Eclipse Processing Unit 230V
Eclipse Conditioning Oven 230V
Eclipse Hot Air Gun 230V
Eclipse Melting Pot 230V
Eclipse Electric Spatula 230V
Knife Edge Diamond #1
Collar Groove Diamond #2
Al-Cote Separating Agent
Air Barrier Coating
Model Release Agent (MRA)
Eclipse Gel
Eclipse shade Guide
Tooth Cage
Tooth Storage Box
Flat Brush No. 4
Flat Brush No. 6
Replacement Lamp
Lamp Filter
Temperature Indicating Labels
Upper Base Plate, Orig shade
Upper Base Plate, light Pink
Upper Base Plate, light Reddish Pink
Upper Base Plate, Clear
Lower Base Plate, Orig shade
Lower Base Plate, light Pink
Lower Base Plate, light Reddish Pink
Lower Base Plate, Clear
Set-up Resin, Original shade
Set-up Resin, light Pink
Set-up Resin, light Reddish Pink
Contour Resin, Original shade
Contour Resin, light Pink
Contour Resin, Lt Reddish Pink
905580      Eclipse Bonding Agent Kit 230V
1 x electric hot plate and ring
1 x pair of tweezers
2 x plastic pipettes
1 x directions for use
1 x laminated technique sheet
1 x metal container kit
1 x bottle of bonding agent

For materials and accessories please contact your local DENTSPLY office or representative.

 If you have any technical questions please email

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