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Eclipse Radica

Eclipse Radica
Eclipse® radica the revolutionary lab- processed provisional material offers an unbelievable combination of exceptional features. This mixture of remarkable flexural strength, unrivalled aesthetics and easy handling will convince you for sure. From try-in application to long-term provisional appliance – Eclipse® radica offers unexpected options.
Unbelievably strong
Due to its exceptionally high flexural strength and wear resistance, Eclipse® radica is indicated as a long term provisional (to stay in the mouth for up to 6 months). Thanks to this enormous durability you can even fabricate long-span bridges without any resin or metal strengtheners. The surface gloss is very long-lasting, thus Eclipse® radica provisionals resist staining and have very low affinity to plaque. Moreover Eclipse® radica can be X rayed.
Unbelievable aesthetics
As the Eclipse® radica assortment includes not only dentine and enamel shades, but also several effect dentines and stains, provisionals made of Eclipse® radica can easily be characterized and individually shaded. No matter if an average restoration or a high-end provisional is requested, Eclipse® radica meets the demand regarding aesthetics.
Unbelievably easy to handle
All different Eclipse® radica materials can be layered in a fast and easy way. While using the matrix technique the lab process is simplified and sources of error are limited. Small defects can easily be adjusted or repaired. Appliances made of Eclipse® radica can be relined with many traditional reline materials and can be cemented with most temporary cements.
Ordering Information

908201      ECLIPSE radica System
Radica Enamel light, 5g
Radica Enamel medium, 5g
Radica Dentin A1, 5g
Radica Dentin A2, 5g
Radica Dentin A3, 5g
Radica Dentin A3,5 , 5g
Radica Dentin B1, 5g
Radica Dentin C2, 5g
Radica Dentin D2, 5g
Radica Dentin i2, 5g
Radica Dentin C4, 5g
Radica Stain brown, 2g
Radica Stain blue, 2g
Radica Stain orange, 2g
Radica Stain white, 2g
Radica Stain olive, 2g
Radica Effect Dentin red-orange, 20g
Radica Effect Dentin yellow orange, 20g
Radica Effect Dentin tissue tint, 20g
Radica Sealer, 15ml
Radica Model Seperator, 10g
Radica Stain Mix Pad
Radica Stain brush
Radica Sealer brush
Radica Model seperator Pinselh
Radica Matrix Putty, 520ml
908100    Radica Enamel light
908101    Radica Enamel medium
908102    Radica Dentin A1
908103    Radica Dentin A2
908104    Radica Dentin A3
908105    Radica Dentin A3,5
908106    Radica Dentin B1
908107    Radica Dentin C2
908108    Radica Dentin D2
908109    Radica Dentin i2
908118    Radica Dentin C4
908111    Radica Stain brown
908112    Radica Stain blue
908113    Radica Stain orange
908114    Radica Stain white
908115    Radica Stain olive
908116    Radica Effect Dentin red-orange
908117    Radica Effect Dentin yellow orange
908119    Radica Effect Dentin tissue tint
908110    Radica Sealer
908029    Radica Model Seperator
908036    Radica Stain Mix Pad
9482606   Radica Stain brush
908030    Radica Sealer brush
9482666    Radica Model seperator brush
908028    Radica Matrix Putty, 520ml
908033    Matrix Putty, 2.150ml
9495161    Radica syringe warmer, 230V
9995338    Ney wax pencil pro, 230V
9495153    Syringe warmer sleeve replacement (8pack)
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