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Cosmo HXL

Cosmo HXL
The Natural Choice
Popular moulds, shades and excellent articulation make Cosmo HXL the natural choice. The success of this tooth-line is based on a perfect combination of three parameters:
- Natural aesthetics
- Excellent material properties
- Easy handling

Easy Handling
The logical mould coding (tapering, round, square) makes the shape selection easier and more convenient. Moreover Cosmo HXL posteriors are easy to set-up due to their reduced cusp angle of 20°. All Cosmo HXL teeth are available in the most popular V-shades. This shade selection is simplified, too. The comprehensive mould variety helps to minimize the tooth stock without loosing the flexibility to fulfillevery prosthetic case.

Superior HXL Material
Cosmo teeth are made of HXL (= highly cross-linked) high quality PMMA resin. This ensures outstanding wear rate figures.

Ordering information

TCUK0095 Cosmo HXL Combination Set (28)
TCUK0063 Cosmo HXL Anteriors Set (6)
TCUK0073 Cosmo HXL Posteriors Set (8)
01053509 Cosmo HXL Shade Guide