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Integrity TempGrip

Integrity® TempGrip™ Refill
Integrity® TempGrip™ Temporary Crown and Bridge Material Cement Zinc Oxide Non-Eugenol is a temporary cement used to lute indirect provisional (temporary) restorations or limited term cementation of final restorations. The physical properties have been optimized to allow secure retention of restorations, and to allow easy restoration removal and cleanup from restoration and tooth preparation.
Integrity® TempGrip™ Cement is an automatically mixed two component material in 1:1 9g dual barreled syringe based on Zinc Oxide/organic acids. Due to its non-eugenol formulation, it does not influence the setting of resin based filling and luting materials.

 Temporary crown & bridge zinc oxide non-eugenol cement
* Smooth seating with a creamy feel and non-drip flow (flow of 27mm)
* Easy removal means cement stays in the crown, not on the tooth
* Short set time saves time for you and your patient
* Automix syringes with balanced base/catalyst viscosity assures the right mix
* Low film thickness with high compressive and flexural strength 

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Ordering Information
Integrity® TempGrip™ Refill               666450
2 x 9 g Syringes
20 Brown Mixing Tips
1 Instructions for Use
1 Illustrated Technique Guide
Integrity® TempGrip™ Mixing Tips        666460
50 Brown Mixing Tips
Directions for Use: Download
Illustrated Technique Guide: Download
Material Safety Data Sheet: Download
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