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SmartCem 2

SmartCem 2
SmartCem®2 Self-Adhesive Cement is a two-component, dual-cure, high-strength self-adhesive cement which contains fluoride. SmartCem®2 Cement combines esthetic shading with self-etching adhesive, making it suitable for the permanent cementation of metal, PFM, resin/composite, ceramic and porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges and endodontic posts without application of a separate dentin/enamel adhesive bonding agent/system. Cured SmartCem®2 Cement is essentially hydrophobic,
Features and Benefits
SmartCem®2 is a self-adhesive cement with the perfect combination of handling and strength: 
* Self-adhesive with one of the highest bond strengths on the market, eliminating the need for a separate
bonding step, saving you time
* Very low moisture solubility and expansion, helping reduce patient sensitivity
* Provides ample work time for up to 2 minutes. Sets quickly in only 2 minutes. Light cures in 20 to 40
* Easy gel phase clean-up – residual material is easily removed using an explorer and interproximal flossing
* Dual barrel automix syringe system, for consistent mixing and easy delivery
* Great aesthetics, available in five shades: Light, Medium, Dark, Translucent and Opaque
* Low film thickness at 19μm ensuring a closer fit of the restoration
* Fluoride release
* No refrigeration required
* Radio-opaque

Ordering Information
669001     SmartCem®2 Intro Kit                                       
5 x SmartCem®2 Syringes (5g each):
Light, Medium, Dark, Translucent, Opaque
50 x Mixing Tips
SmartCem®2 Refills
Each package contains:02_SmartCem2_Refill_01.jpg
2 x SmartCem®2 Syringes (5g each)
20 x Mixing Tips
669012  SmartCem®2 Refill Light   
669013  SmartCem®2 Refill Medium   
669014  SmartCem®2 Refill Dark  
669015  SmartCem®2 Refill Translucent                    
669016   SmartCem®2 Refill Opaque
669005   SmartCem®2 Refill Mixing Tips (50 x Mixing Tips)


Directions for Use: Download
Material Safety Data Sheet: Download
Illustrated Technique Guide: Download

Easy excess removal

- Residual excess material is easily removed
Available in five shades

Excellent retentive and mechanical strength


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