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Dyract XP

Dyract XP
Dyract® XP is the caries preventing restorative material for all classes of anterior as well as posterior cavities.
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Dyract® XP restorations continuously release flouride ions and act on the tooth restoration interface as an acid buffer. Laboratory tests have also confirmed the local cariostatic effect. For patients with a high caries risk Dyract®  XP fillings are a logical addition to the appropriate prophylactic measures. The specific properties of Dyract®XP result from combining flouride containing reactive filler glasses with acid modified monomers patented by DENTSPLY

The history of Dyract®

The first generation of Dyract® was introduced in 1993. It was developed in an attempt to combine the best properties of composites and glass-ionomers. Composites offer surface hardness, physical strength, low shrinkage and resistance to wear, while glass-ionomers offer low technique sensitivity and release fluoride ions, but have the disadvantage of being rather opaque and very brittle. 

Dyract® is a generation of compomer restorative materials developed by DENTSPLY. Long-term fluoride release is characteristic for this product group.Today with more than 250 full papers listed in PubMed on fluoride-releasing restoratives [Wiegand et al., 2007]1 it can be concluded that both glass-ionomers and DENTSPLY compomers show cariostatic properties under simulated cariogenic conditions in vitro. 

Dyract® XP is an additional brand of Dyract® eXtra. Therefore, characteristics applying to Dyract® eXtra apply to Dyract® XP as well. Dyract® XP is available in the most popular Vita* shades.

1 Wiegand A, Buchalla W, Attin T: Review on fluoride-releasing restorative materials – Fluoride release and uptake characteristics, antibacterial activity and influence on caries formation. Dent Mater 2007;23:3;343-362.
* Vita is a registered trademark of Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter Gmbh & Co.

Ordering Information

60604911    Dyract® XP Intro Kit
Content: 40 Compules Tips (10x A2, 15x A3, 10x A3.5, 5x B1),
                1 x Compules® Tip Gun,
                1 x Shade Guide,
                50 applicator tips,
                1x Prime&Bond® NT 3.5ml,
                3x Applicator Tips
60604210    Dyract® XP A2 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules® Tips 0.25g)Dyract XP_IntroKit_All_01.jpg
60604276    Dyract® XP A3 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules® Tips 0.25g)
60604277    Dyract® XP A3.5 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules® Tips                                  0.25g)
60604278    Dyract® XP B1 Refill 3.5ml (20 Compules® Tips 0.25g)

Anti-cariogenic effect due to long-term fluoride release
Flouride release chart.png

* Dyract® XP is an additional brand of Dyract® eXtra. Thus the shown Dyract eXtra study applies to Dyract® XP as well.
1 Tetric Ceram® (Ivoclar Vivadent) and Filtek™ Z250 (3M ESPE) are not registered trademarks of DENTSPLY International, Inc.


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