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Compules® Tips Gun70_Gun.JPG
Applicator gun for all DENTSPLY® filling materials delivered in Compules® Tips.
Compules® Tips Gun           60665900
Model•X Restorative Trainer
Application and demonstration of:71_Training Module.jpg
- DENTSPLY® Restoratives
- Palodent® Matrix System
- Automatrix® Retainerless Matrix System
Model•X - Restorative Trainer          K79100543
Bag of 250 pieces
i•cure Curing Depth Tester04_Curing Guide.jpg
Step height / length of cured composite (2,4,6,8 mm)
Curing depth as defined by ISO 4049 (1,2,3,4 mm)
i•cure Curing Depth Tester           64440054
4 testers
DETREY® Applicator Needles03_Applikator Nadeln.jpg
Applicator Needles for DETREY® Conditioner 36
in Syringes     60615204
25 needles
Applicator Tips09_ApplTips_01.jpg
50 tips                          658012