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Ceram•X mono+

Ceram•X mono+

A Simple and Natural Choice

Ceram.X® is a light cured, radiopaque restorative material for restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. Ceram·X® combines nanotechnology, proprietary to DENTSPLY and known from Prime&Bond® NT, with improved organically modified ceramic particles, resulting in a nano-ceramic Restorative with unique features. Thus, Ceram·X® offers natural esthetics by simple procedure, extraordinary low monomer release and excellent handling characteristics.

Ceram.X® mono+, what’s new? 

Now, Ceram.X® mono has been developed further, resulting in Ceram.X® mono+ which has a significant handling improvement. Ceram.X® mono+ offers improved modelling performance. The objective of this advancement was to achieve improved handling features; reduced stickiness and improved slump resistance. These optimised characteristics have been achieved with Ceram.X® mono+ through the use of a modified nano-filler.

Ceram·X® mono+, the Single Translucency System, comprises seven shades of intermediate translucency comparable to conventional composites (e.g. Spectrum® TPH), optimal for fast and easy restorations of posterior or anterior teeth.

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Ordering information

Ceram•X® mono+ Compules® Tips Starter Kit      60701410
40 Compules® Tips
(8x Shades M2, M5, M6; 4x Shades M1, M3, M4, M7)
2 i-Shade Labels
1 Mono+ Shade Guide of Original Material
1 Instructions for Use
1 Illustrated Technique Guide
1 Clinical Guide
1 Compules® Tip Gun, Dappen Dish,
Applicator Tips (50)
1 Translucent Tray and Tray Cover
Ceram•X® mono+ Compules® Tips Refills (20 x 0.25 g each)
Ceram•X® mono+ M1 (A1, B1)            60701411
CeX MONO+_CompRefill_wh.jpg
Ceram•X® mono+ M2 (A2, B2)            60701412
Ceram•X® mono+ M3 (C1, D2)            60701413
Ceram•X® mono+ M4 (C2, C3, D4)      60701414
Ceram•X® mono+ M5 (A3, D3)            60701415
Ceram•X® mono+ M6 (A3.5, B3, B4)   60701416
Ceram•X® mono+ M7 (A4, C4)            60701417
Ceram•X® mono+ Syringe Starter Kit      60701510
7 Syringes, 3 g each
(Shades M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7)
2 i-Shade Labels
1 Mono+ Shade Guide of Original Material
1 Instructions for Use
1 Illustrated Technique Guide
1 Clinical Guide
1 Tray, Dappen Dish, Applicator Tips (50)
Ceram•X® mono+ Syringe Refills (3 g each)
Ceram•X® mono+ M1 (A1, B1)             60701511
CeX MONO+_SyrRefill_wh.jpg
Ceram•X® mono+ M2 (A2, B2)             60701512
Ceram•X® mono+ M3 (C1, D2)             60701513
Ceram•X® mono+ M4 (C2, C3, D4)       60701514
Ceram•X® mono+ M5 (A3, D3)             60701515
Ceram•X® mono+ M6 (A3.5, B3, B4)    60701516
Ceram•X® mono+ M7 (A4, C4)             60701517
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Direction for use: Download


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