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DETREY Conditioner 36

DETREY Conditioner 36

DeTrey Conditioner 36 is a blue-tinted gel containing 36 % phosphoric acid for the etching of tooth enamel and conditioning of dentine prior to bonding with resin-based materials.

60615208     DETREY® Conditioner 36 in Syringes
2 Syringes, 3 ml Etch Gel each
25 Applicator Needles

60615209     DETREY® Conditioner 36 in Syringes Economy Pack
10 Syringes, 3 ml Etch Gel each
50 Applicator Needles

60615204     DETREY® Applicator Needles
25 Applicator Needles
for DETREY® Conditioner 36 in Syringes

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