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The Enhance® Composite Finishing & Polishing System is designed for use in the finishing of anterior and posterior composites or any other area that requires finishing. It consists of single use silicon points, cups and discs. For finishing the surface of composite restorations and Prisma® Gloss™ Polishing Paste for final polishing.
Ordering Information
624075     Enhance® System Kit
20 Enhance® Finishing Discs
10 Enhance® Finishing Points
10 Enhance® Finishing Cups
1 Prisma® Gloss ™ Composite Polishing Paste
1 Prisma® Gloss ™ Composite Polishing Paste extra-fine
624055X     Enhance® Finishing Cups Box of 3087_Enhance_All_01blue.jpg
624065X     Enhance® Finishing Points Box of 30
624045X     Enhance® Finishing Discs Box of 30
624020     Enhance® Polishing Cups
For the use with Prisma® Gloss™ Polishing Paste.
100 pcs. + 1 Mandrel
624025     Metal Mandrel for Enhance™ Polishing Cups
(3 pcs.)
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Illustrated Technique Guide: Download
Directions for Use: English     French
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