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ChemFil Superior

ChemFil Superior
ChemFil® Superior is a fast-setting glass-ionomer restorative material consisting of a blend of alumino silicate glass and polyacrylic acid. The powder is mixed with distilled water to produce a filling material which adheres to dentine and enamel producing tightly sealed, strong and esthetic restorations.
Ordering Information
ChemFil® Superior Powder, Assorted Intro Pack     60606515
7 x 10 g Powder (mix powder with water)
Shades: L, LYG, LY, DY, DG, LG, GB
1 ChemVarnishTM, 12.5ml
1 ChemFil® Tooth Cleanser, 10ml
1 Shade Guide
1 Water Dispensing Bottle
ChemFil® Superior Refills, 10g
10g Powder each, incl. Powder Measure and
Water Dispensing Bottle
L (2) = Light 60606520
LYG (3) = Light Yellow Grey 60606530
LY (4) = Light Yellow 60606540
DY (5) = Dark Yellow 60606550
DG (6) = Dark Grey 60606560
LG (7) = Light Grey 60606570

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