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Aquasil Bite

Aquasil Bite refill
Aquasil Bite is designed for accurate interocclusal and jaw relation records.
Aquasil Bite offers minimum resistance to closure during 30 seconds working time, minimizing deviation of the mandible producing consistently accurate jaw relation records.
Aquasil Bite accurately records dental morphology, enabling the dentist and lab technician to easily articulate models without interferences from convex tooth surfaces. The rapid rigidity developed at 1 minute mouth removal time reduces inaccuracies created by mandibular movement during setting and allows accurate model articulation with a minimal amount of distortion producing elastic rebound. The accurate detail reproduction, minimal distortion and quick set also allows use of Aquasil Bite as a preparation quadrant matrix material in the direct fabrication technique of provisional (temporary) restorations.
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60578334     Aquasil Bite Refill
2 x 50 ml Cartridges
12 Green Mixing Tips
1 Instructions for Use
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60578335     Aquasil Bite Conturation Tips (48) 
678212       Aquasil Bite Mixing Tips (48) 

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