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Aquasil Putty DECA™

Aquasil Putty DECA™
Aquasil Putty DECA™ is a hydrophilic base impression material consisting of addition curing vinyl silicones. The mixing ratio is 5 volumes base paste and 1 volume catalyst paste. Aquasil Putty DECA™ cartridges can be used with suitable mixing machines.
Aquasil Putty DECA™ shows hydrophilic properties and is compatible with the hydrophilic Aquasil Ultra syringe materials and moist surfaces. Therefore it yields an exact reproduction of subgingival areas and other moist surfaces. Aquasil Putty DECA™ meets the requirements of ISO 4823 (2000), type 0 (putty consistency).
Ordering Information
60578341     Aquasil Putty DECA™ (2 x 380 ml Hard Cartridges)
13_AQS_Putty_DECA_MixTBay_01.jpg60578340     Aquasil Putty DECA™ - 40 Mixing Tips, 1 Bayonet Ring
60578342     Aquasil Putty DECA™ - 2 Bayonet Rings 

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