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The AutoMatrix® System is indicated where placement of a matrix band around a prepared tooth will facilitate contouring of a direct placement of restorative material (class II preparations). AutoMatrix® metal bands are available in 4 different sizes: Medium-Thin, Narrow-Regular, Medium-Regular and Wide-Regular.
Ordering Information
62422501     AutoMatrix® Starter Pack
24 Medium-Thin Bands
24 Medium-Regular Bands
24 Narrow-Regular Bands
24 Wide-Regular Bands
1 Automate III Tightening Device
1 Pair of Snippers
AutoMatrix® Refills85_ATM_Refill_01.jpg
72 Bands of the same size
62422510     MT: Medium-Thin 
62422511     NR: Narrow-Regular 
62422512     MR: Medium-Regular 
62422513     WR: Wide-Regular 
AutoMatrix® Accessories
62422601     Snippers 
62422602     Automate III Tightening Device
62422603     Extra Shaft Assembly 
963010         Repair Set for Snippers  
Illustrated Technique Guide: Download
Directions for Use: Download
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