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The advantages of the Palodent® sectional matrices system include natural contours for better control of contact areas and embrasures, ease of placement, better visualization of the operative field, and more comfort for the practicioner and patient.
Ordering Information
659060Y     Palodent® Complete Kit
100 Standard Matrices
50 Mini Matrices
50 Plus Matrices
4 BiTine® Round Rings
2 BiTine® II Oval Rings
Palodent® Refills
659010     100 Standard Matrices Refill 
659015     50 Standard Matrices 
659020     50 Mini Matrices Refill 
659030     50 Plus Matrices Refill 
659040     4 BiTine® Round Rings Refill 
659050     2 BiTine® II Oval Rings Refill 
62499060     Palodent® Ash Application Forceps
Illustrated Technique Guide: Download
Directions for Use: Download
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