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SmartLite PS

SmartLite® PS
Today’s daily essential in dentistry is a curing light with cordless high performance, small size, silent operation and light weight. These are the “essentials” of the SmartLite®PS, which is available in 3 color versions:
Original = Dark blue
Sunset = Orange
Sky = Light blue

Outstanding Performance:
The high output at an optimal spectral wavelength offers outstanding depth of cure and 10-second cure capability. 1
Depth of cure performance comparable to High Output Halogen Lights. 1

Ergonomic Engineering:
The small size and low weight makes working with the SmartLite®PS light comfortable and easy. The LED Tip is freely adjustable, rotating 360, for easy access to the restoration site. In addition, the interchangeable tips provide a renewable light source.

Completely Cordless Design:
The unique inductive charging system of the SmartLite®PS light eliminates a footprint on the doctor's counter for a charging base as well eliminating the need for a cord. The charging unit plugs directly into any 120-volt wall outlet.

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Ordering Information

SmartLite® PS Complete Units
Contents of each unit:
1 Handpiece,
1 LED-Tip,
1 Charger,
3 Eye Protection Shields,
1 i-cure (curing depth device),
1 Material Curing Guide01_SmL 3erPack 07.jpg
64440010     SmartLite® PS (230V, EU) - Original 
64440011     SmartLite® PS (230V, EU) - Sunset 
64440012     SmartLite® PS (230V, EU) - Sky 
64440015     SmartLite® PS Charger (230V, EU) 

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