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Take it to the Max!
The Max-i-Probe Irrigation Probe offers a unique design for unmatched effectiveness, patient comfort, and safety in irrigating root canals and periodontal pockets.
Now Max-i-Probe offers you the added convenience of probe + syringe packages. 100 probes, plus 100 sterile, disposable 3cc syringes — together in one economical package.
  • Care for your patients with the pre-sterilized, closed-end Max-i-Probe irrigating probe.
  • Thoroughly irrigate root canal preparations, including the apical third, with side-port dispersal that creates an upward flushing motion.
  • Fully cleanse the gingival sulci without damaging tissue.
  • 100% inspection of every probe ensures you receive safe, effective product.
  • Widest selection — 5 sizes from 23 ga. to 30 ga.
  • Convenient combo packs — 100 probes and 100 disposable, sterile 3cc syringes
Ordering Information
MAXP234    Max-i-Probe 23 gauge x40
MAXP244    Max-i-Probe 24 gauge x40MiP_Spray.jpg
MAXP254    Max-i-Probe 25 gauge x40
MAXP284    Max-i-Probe 28 gauge x40
MAXP304    Max-i-Probe 30 gauge x40
MAXP231    Max-i-Probe 23 gauge x100
MAXP241    Max-i-Probe 24 gauge x100
MAXP251    Max-i-Probe 25 gauge x100
MAXP281    Max-i-Probe 28 gauge x100
MAXP301    Max-i-Probe 30 gauge x100
MAX231S    Max-i-Probe 23 gauge x100 + syringes
MAX241S    Max-i-Probe 24 gauge x100 + syringes
MAX251S    Max-i-Probe 25 gauge x100 + syringes
MAX281S    Max-i-Probe 28 gauge x100 + syringes
MAX301S    Max-i-Probe 30 gauge x100 + syringes
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